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I'm having problems placing an order on the websiteUpdated 2 months ago

Please find a detailed guide to placing an online order with us HERE

If you are still having problems placing an online order, please see our troubleshooting guide below. If you are unable to place your order or have other questions, please feel free to contact us on 0203 893 4746 or at [email protected] and a member of our team will be glad to help.

  • I am having trouble personalising my label
    • Please ensure the product you have chosen is available for personalisation. It should say 'personalised' in the product title. If it doesn't, please use the search bar to find the relevant personalised version of the product. Please note, not all products are available for personalisation!
    • Once you chosen your product, click 'Personalise' to view label designs. Choose the category and label most suited to you, and enter your text into the fields provided. Click 'Preview & Save Label'. If you are happy with your design, click 'Continue to Gift Options'.
    • Scroll down and add your complimentary gift message by typing in the field provided. This will save automatically.
    • Browse our other Finishing Touches categories and add any additional gifts or presentation by clicking 'Add to Cart'. Once complete, click 'Add Gift to Cart'.
    • You will now arrive at the checkout page - please enter your details, select your preferred delivery service and check out.
  • No delivery options are displayed
    • If the shipping address is outside of the UK and no delivery options are displayed, we are either unable to ship to that destination, or we are only able to ship a limited range. Please see full international shipping information HERE
    • If you are shipping to the UK and no delivery options are displayed, please contact us ASAP.

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